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How To Shop For New Windows For Any Residence

Having the perfect windows for your home is an important factor. Windows allow natural light into rooms and proper air conditioning to take place. People tend to wish to change their windows but they lack information and skills on how to do so. Knowing your most appropriate window replacement options will go a long way in to helping you choose the right window and the right method of installation.

When shopping for a new window you should be ready to get really engrossed into the whole process. It entails knowing the types of windows available and the most appropriate for your home. Windows come in different shapes, sizes, styles, materials and names.


Windows are made of several materials such as wood, vinyl and metal. Vinyl is affordable, requires low maintenance, offers good thermal protection but is not paintable. Wood is paintable, offers a range of colors but requires high maintenance. Metal windows are strong, durable but quite expensive.


Window styles come in form of casement, sliders, awnings, non-opening, double-hung, single-hung, hopper and jalousie. Awning windows can be used in several rooms. They allow users to regulate ventilation by minimizing or maximizing the opening; the downside is that they direct all the dirt to your floors. Non-opening windows offer unobstructed light and view into the rooms. However, they don’t allow any ventilation to take place.

Jalousie windows allow for the control of ventilation but they can’t be sealed, hence interfering with proper conditioning of the room especially during cold weather. Casement and hopper windows allow maximum ventilation of rooms since they open almost all the way, but they also allow in harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow.


The size of windows is extremely important since they determine the amount of light and ventilation that will be allowed in to the room. They also determine how much security the windows will provide. Windows can be small, moderate or large. One can get a combination of all in different rooms in the house. Extremely large windows are however not advised since they can easily break under too much pressure and can also easily be broken into.

When you have determined which material, size and style of window to use, you can proceed to installation; but first you have to remove the old window that you intend to replace.

How To Remove An Old Window:

During window replacement, one may choose to expand the area the window occupies, reduce it or maintain it.

a) Remove the glass of the old window. This is done by unscrewing the window from the jamb and carefully removing it to avoid breakage.

b) Remove the entire frame if necessary. This is done if you want to change the size of the window.

c) Remove the sashes of the old window if your new window can perfectly fit in to the frame without them.

d) Ensure the frame and the sashes are in perfect condition if you choose to maintain them.

How To Install A New Window:

a) Run an inspection on the jamb to check for any damages or rotting due to leakage. Such an occurrence will require you to replace the jamb. Also, check whether the window stop to ensure it’s in good condition or whether it needs replacing.

b) Measure the space to be occupied in order to know how to fit your new window and make it achieve maximum efficiency.

c) Dry fit your new window to see whether it will fit that particular space. Adjust the necessary essentials if need be.

d) When everything is in order, proceed to installation. Note that installation depends on the type of window you’re putting up. You could need silicone to apply on the edge of the window. You might also need to install new hinges depending on your window. Screw the necessary points and check whether the window has fit perfectly.

e) Insulate your window with expanding spray or roll insulation for proper air conditioning.

f) If you changed the size of the window, fill the extra space with jambs.

g) When everything is perfect, paint your window or put finishing touches.

These window replacement options give home owners the chance to do the whole process of removal and installation by themselves.

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