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A Guide To Fixing Common Plumbing Problems In Case Of Manufactured Homes

Owning a manufactured or prefabricated house is considered to be the pinnacle of living for many but what they don't realize is that owning such a house can be very difficult and expensive! Manufactured homes are much more than just 'trailers' because these are a smarter choice over conventional homes. This is because they are of better quality, they cost less and they come in a wide range of designs and layouts, contrary to the popular misconception of it being a house generated by a 'cookie-cutter'! As useful as these manufactured homes may be, there are accompanied by common household problems. This article is going to educate you by providing you with tips to fix common home plumbing problems. Maintaning and caring for your manufactured house would also increase its lifespan, therefore its effort well invested.

Frozen Pipes:

One of the most common problems occurring in case of manufactured homes is frozen pipes. While the winter season is beautiful with the snow and crisp temperature, it is also a nuisance in the sense that it freezes exposed water pipes, especially those along the outer walls and just beneath the manufactured homes since these do not have much insulation. The best way to deal with frozen pipes is to apply heat to defrost the section.

Step 1: To defrost, use a small heater after wrapping the frozen section of the pipe with towels and rags. Heat can also be applied with a hair dryer in case of smaller sections.

Step 2: Start out by defrosting the section closest to the manufactured house and then proceed outwards and further; by doing this, you will maintain lower pipe pressure and there will be less chances of the pipe bursting.

Step 3: Leave all taps open when defrosting to allow the ice water to flow out of the pipe.

Leaky Pipes:

Next comes the task of repairing leaky pipes, which is another common household problem.

Step 1: Turn off all water outlets in the house

Step 2: For manufactured home owners, this task calls for crawling under the manufactured house.

Step 3: Remove the faulty pipes or the ones that leak

Step 4: Take the new pipe and smear the insides of its sleeves with PVC content

Step 5: Replace the faulty pipes with new onesusing tools like a wrench, screw driver and so on.

Clogged Drain:

This can be a partial clog or a complete clog. Nevertheless, it is a task which can be dealt with easily without the help of a professional if the owner of the manufactured home is aware of the right solution.

Step 1: Use the good old bathroom plunger to dislodge the debris clogging the drains by creating high water pressure.

Step 2: In case it doesn't work then apply petroleum jelly to the lip of the plunger in order to enhance its power and to create maximum pressure

Step 3: Clogged drains can also be dealt with using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in the equal amounts and then pouring it into the drain and allowing to sit for ten minutes before employing the use of the plunger.

Obnoxious Odor:

A decaying smell reminiscent of the sewers is not something that people enjoy in their manufactured homes. An occasional visit of a mouse or a cat to your house is inevitable but the odds of this happening can be reduced by checking for holes in the skirting, tears in the underbelly of the house and gaps in the plumbing system.

Step 1: Use a flashlight to illuminate your way into the source of the decaying smell

Step 2: In case you find a dead animal then get rid of the corpse first before sanitizing the area

Step 3: Sanitize the area with a heat gun or concentrated disinfectant

Step 4: Use insect sprays if required to get rid of the houseflies or blow flies in the surrounding and immediate area

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