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A 5 Step DIY Shower Door Repair Tutorial

The bathroom happens to be an integral component of all households as it naturally serves an indispensable function of enabling the occupants of any home to freshen up. Like all areas of the house that experience frequent traffic, bathrooms are over time susceptible to attrition, and if this is left unchecked can lead to extensive damages.

This is particularly true when it comes to shower doors or enclosures as they are sometime known. These vital components of the bathroom usually take the brunt of accumulation of grime and dirt. Depending on the material they are made of, you might begin to notice telltale signs that they need urgent repair.

What are the signs that indicate your shower door requires repair?

Like aforementioned taking into consideration the material of your mobile home’s shower enclosures, you can easily determine if they need repair or even replacement. For instance, framed shower doors, which are usually made of glass panels that are encased within a metal framework, with regular usage begin to accumulate water, scum and grime at their corner joints. Which makes opening or shutting them difficult, and if this problem isn’t checked promptly, it can lead to the cracking or shattering of the glass panels.

On the other hand, sliding shower doors on their part are usually set on tracks and wheels that facilitate their convenient movement. Depending on the quality of the material used to craft these tracks (usually metal) the mechanism can over time begin to malfunction, necessitating repair or outright replacement.

Finally, there are folding shower enclosures, which are normally made of a single panel that rotates on metal hinges. These happen to be the most common used in mobile homes, where space can be limited. With frequent usage such shower door hinges can start to fail in disrepair, which invariably necessitate quick repair.

What are the repair options for shower door enclosures?

Once again the type of repair your shower door might require is usually determined by its design and more to the point, the material it is crafted from. For framed shower enclosures, the most effective repair option is to initially get rid of all the accumulated grime and foreign particles that have accrued on its corner joints. You can utilize a strong brush and some scouring formulation to execute a thorough job. This however, is a temporary solution, as with continued use, dirt can quickly begin to accumulate again, making the whole process rather futile. In such cases it can be a good idea to replace the entire metal framework.

When it comes to the high end sliding shower doors, with a little dexterity, and a dedicated assistant, you can effortlessly detach the panel from the malfunctioning tracks or its runners. Depending on where the problem might lie. After doing this you can appraise whether they can still be realigned or if it would be best to replace them.

Folding shower enclosures, on their part are relatively easy to repair as they swing from hinges, which are more prone to damage. Replacing these hinges will definitely address any problem they might cause in opening or folding them.

Finally, frameless shower doors happen to be more resilient to rusting or accumulation of grime, nevertheless, they too can begin to manifest telltale signs that they need repair. In such a scenario, it can be best to enlist the assistance of an experienced professional.

An effective shower door repair DIY procedure

1) No matter what type of shower enclosure your mobile home bathroom might have, the first and most imperative step you need to take is to eradicate all the grime and soap scum build up on its essential components.

2) Next you should do is assess its sweep, which is usually situated at its base. A faulty sweep usually permits water to seep through the shower area to the bathroom floor. Should this be so, you can easily get a new one from your neighbourhood hardware store.
3) Get rid of old caulks that can’t stop water from leaking from the shower area, and replace them with new and clear ones.
4) For folding shower enclosures, examine their hinges and latches, if faulty use an appropriate screwdriver to remove them, and install new ones.
5) For sliding shower doors that can’t move properly, disassemble them and try to see if you can realign its wheels. If not possible, acquire new tracks and wheels.

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