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Knowing Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Options And How To Choose The Best

To most homeowners, vacuum cleaning happens to be a real bummer. This is mostly due to the fact that it happens to be a bit boring, monotonous, and somewhat a laborious chore, especially if you don’t have the right equipment for the job. Thanks to technology, however, homeowners can comfortably enjoy their clean surfaces and floors without paying the hefty price of boredom and hustle for it. this has been made possible by a number of vacuum cleaning devices available today, one of latest among them being the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. With this equipment, you don’t have to spend too much of your time and effort on the cleaning task. In other words, these handy implements perform the task while you sit back and watch or while you are away at work, depending on the programmability of the model you go for. But most people find it really challenging when it comes to choosing a reliable model that can guarantee them real value for money. Below, we look at Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Options and the factors to consider if you want to narrow down your options and choose a good one when buying.

How Do Robot Vacuums Work?

Before getting to the considerations, it is important to understand how these handy implements really work. Also referred to by the slang robot vacs, robotic vacuums have some features found in the conventional vacuum cleaner, including motors, suction mechanism, brushes and such. They basically operate by sweeping and sucking in dirt from floors or surfaces through the suction forces. However, most vacuuming bots are equipped with programmable features and sensors, which allow them to operate automatically and detect obstacles such as staircases, cliffs, and such while at the task without causing damage. Most of them are equipped with a few drive and non-drive wheels for navigating around your home, getting rid of the dirt and dust on your behalf. Most models come with a variety of cleaning modes that the user can select from.

Now that we understand how the robotic vacs work in a nutshell, how do you choose a good one?

Factors to Consider When Buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Model, Brand, and Size

There are many different robotic vacuum brands in the market and a variety of models to select from each brand. These also range in size and performance capacities, as well as other variables such as weight. Brand and model reputation are quite important when choosing. When it comes to size, most of these units are expressed in terms of diameter. It would not be wrong to presume that the wider the diameter, the larger the area covered within one complete cleaning sweep. Height is also; however, as important as the unit’s diameter, since the higher the vacuuming robot, the more the obstacles it might come across on its cleaning path, say furniture that is lying low. A larger robot may not be able to fit into tighter spaces, which means they have to be done manually.

Vacuum Suction Power

Vacuum cleaners are mostly rated by the suction power performance. This can be expressed in units such as CFM, AW, of Pa. robot vacuums with a suction power of between 400 and 700 Pa can suffice well for regular-sized homes where cleaning is also done regularly.

Operational Noise

In most cases, larger robot cleaners have larger motors, which produce more operational noise. When buying a robotic vacuumer, be sure to look for a product that produces at least less than 60 decibels of noise. However, operational noise may not be much of a concern if the product does the work only when you’re not around.

The Robot Battery

Most robotic vacuum cleaners are battery-powered and come with a docking station. However, the battery quality and lifetime is an important factor to remember considering. The best options make use of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, most of which can keep the machine cleaning for 45 to 150 minutes with a single charge. However, the battery performance will also depend on the types of sensors and suction motor on board. The recharging time is also an important factor.

Accessories and Additional Features

Even though this feature is not compulsory, the best robotic vacuums come with automated cleaning options and additional features such as remote control as well as virtual walls to limit the Bot from accessing particular areas in your home. Even though most robotic vacuum cleaner options do not perform well in low light, there are variants that come with UV lighting, led lighting, and night vision features to improve usability. Type of flooring and will also have an impact on the best model for your home, like brushed or without brushes, for instance.

Price and Warranty

When buying a robotic vacuum, be sure to research, compare, and contrast for the best deals from reputable models in the market in terms of price and warranty.

Product Examples

1: Miele Scout RX1 Robot vacuum cleaner
• Buy From:
• Price: $1,199.00
• Link:

2: iRobot Roomba650 Robotic Vacuum
• Buy From:
• Price: $317.99
• Link:

3: Moneual RYDIS, H68 Pro Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $429.99 + shipping $11.04
• Link:

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