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Have You Given These Residential Outdoor Storage Options A Try?

Whether you are moving, staging a home for sale, clearing out closets, downsizing or simply tidying up your home, you need to find the right residential outdoor storage options. This article makes mention of several methods and products that you can use for this activity.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sheds is the space they can give you. Whether you need extra room for storage or a temporary place to keep your items in, sheds can be designed to whatever specifications you require. What’s more, a well-built shed has the potential to create greater value for your property. Most modern sheds are built using premium-quality steel and can often be tweaked to match your needs – from installing roller doors to choosing between gable roof shelters and flat roof. The Suncast Tremont Resin shed is an example of a shed that meets this description, a medium sized model retails for $1599. (

Outdoor Storage Bench

With an outdoor bench you can make good use of the extra storage space that is available on your patio. Basically, you want to find a bench that is well-built, sturdy, practical and most importantly beautiful. Other features that should not miss from your ideal outdoor bench include: drainage holes, adequate storage space; average of Length (60”) Width (14”) and Height (14”). There are several varieties available which are resistant to rot, mildew and insect attacks. Ideally, you should find a unit that is handcrafted and one that is finished with quality outdoor sealer. The Custom Western Red Cedar Patio Storage Bench meets this description and costs in the range of $600 - $800 (

Outdoor Storage Canopy Storage Shelters

No matter the weather, whether it is summer or winter, a well-built canopy storage shelter provides reliable shelters. Canopies are build with slanting roofs to ensure free-fall of debris, rainwater or snow from above. Their unique design gives them long-life and makes them the best alternative for storing your valuables. Canopies are best used to store boats, power bikes and 4-wheelers. When shopping for one, make sure it is made using all-steel framing. Ideally, it should be rust resistant, reinforced to deliver extra strength and most importantly it should be easy to install. A good number of canopies that are available in the market today are UV-treated (inside and outside) and come with their own stabilizer blocks. The Titan Storage Canopy goes for $450 with no anchor kit included meets these requirements. (

Outdoor Storage Greenhouses

Outdoor storage greenhouses not only add beauty to your garden but are a practical unit every gardener needs to have. Well-designed greenhouses are a great way to begin your vegetables and flowers as well as store your garden tools and lawn equipment. There are several categories of outdoor green house storage facilities. The most popular variants are made from plastic or glass. Besides that, there are dozens of styles that you can choose from. From the advanced styles such as the Victorian model to the simple cold-frame structures, you can always be sure to find a design that corresponds to your outdoor design needs. But as usual, you need to do a great deal of research before selecting a greenhouse. Don’t make your purchase decision based on the price of the unit alone; rather consider the design, make and reliability aspects of it. The Palram Snap & Grow greenhouse is a good example of a sturdy unit that you can use for outdoor storage and planting, it costs $1080. (

Outdoor Trash Can Storage

Outdoor trash cans are basically boxes which provide secure storage for trash collected from outdoor lawns and other places in your home. These units are extremely straight forward and they don’t cost much. A good outdoor trash storage can is one that can accommodate all your trash-bins locking them in securely. This added protection not only keeps your home looking neat but also adds to the beauty of the exterior design. It also keeps raccoons, pests and rodents at bay. Most units are built with the needs of the urbanite in mind and are made from high quality cedar which gives the long-life. Leisure Season horizontal storage shed is an ideal brand that costs $493 in most outlets. It is made of solid wood and is decay resistant. (

To sum it up, when choosing residential outdoor storage options, make sure you get three things right – Quality, Usability and Price. As usual, quality comes first.

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