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Incredible Awning And Canopy Choices For Manufactured Home Homeowners

Residential awnings and canopies are architectural projections that extend from your home to offer protection from extreme weather elements as well as providing some aesthetic appeal to your mobile home. They are made of different materials including fabric, vinyl and aluminum and range in design too. They are installed in different areas of your mobile home including the doors, windows and over the deck. Mobile home awnings and canopies come in varying designs, shapes, sizes, colors and models. Here are some popular types of residential awnings and canopies.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are great awnings choices for mobile homes. When not in use, they can be folded or rolled up. There are two types of retractable awnings, the motorized retractable awnings and the manual retractable awnings.

The advantage of these awnings is that they can be removed to prevent damage during harsh and extreme bad weather conditions. Motorized awnings are user friendly since they are remotely controlled to allow for convenience.

Retractable patio awnings are incredible for creating an outdoor entertainment area or a living space and keep your family and friends cool during hot summer days. They can transform your backyard into a “beachy” cool oasis. They come in various colour choices to match with the surrounding and outdoor furniture.

Retractable awnings for mobile homes are easy to clean and maintain. The fact that they can be retracted makes them easy to protect against adverse weather conditions. For the motorized ones, the sensors on the awnings should be protected against damaging conditions such as moisture and extreme sunlight.

Find some great remotely controlled retractable awnings for your mobile home at incredible prices at . The Awntech 14 ft. LX-Destin motorized retractable awning is a great choice. Model DTL 14-198-TP goes at $1,479. Other motorized retractable awnings go at roughly the same price. However, there are other cheaper alternatives.

Find also some incredible manually tractable awnings at great prices and colors at . The Awntech 14 ft. LX-Maui manual retractable acrylic awning is an incredible choice and goes at $1,069. It features a dusty blue Multi colour but they come in various colour choices. Other manually retractable awnings range about the same price.

Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are permanently installed to specific fixed positions on your mobile home. They are ideal for windows, carports, patios, entryways, balconies and decks. The advantage of fixed awnings is they can be customized to fit in doors, windows and entryways to add to the appeal and complement your home’s architecture. Unlike retractable awnings, they allow the home owner the flexibility and power of creativity in design, shape and size. They can be installed in various bump outs shapes including convex, concave, domes, and traditional straight-top awnings.

Window awnings not only keep the home’s interior cool, but also protects your hardwood floors and furnishings from sun damage. While more energy is lost through glass than through insulated walls, window awnings will prevent the loss of internal temperature as well as insulate incoming adverse temperature during summer and winter times. Thus reducing your cooling or warming energy bill.

Find great aluminum window awnings of various sized (from 3 inch to 14-inch awnings) at for a great price. The Dura-Bilt 3’ aluminum window awnings go at $157-182 while 14’ awnings range from $512-654. There are other sizes between these ranges.

Door awnings & canopies not only protect you, family and friends from elements of weather when coming in to your home, but also offer a stunning appeal. Door awnings made of aluminum or wrought iron withstand adverse weather conditions and require less maintenance. Additionally they have a longer life span.

Find some incredible aluminum door canopies at cheap prices at A medium 4’-48’ Dura-Bilt aluminum door canopy costs $294 while a large 6’-48” Dura-Bilt aluminum door canopy goes at $392. The Nulmage Series of aluminum door awnings are cheaper yet incredible alternatives. The Nulmage awnings 4 ft. 2500 series aluminum door canopy 16’-42” (model 25X7X4801XX05X) goes at only $197 and comes in a range of colour options.

Fixed awnings for mobile homes also have the advantage of being of easy maintenance and cleaning. The fact that they have less or no moving parts makes them easy to service. Maintenance for almost all types of mobile home awnings is done in a special way. They are cleaned, repaired and installed using special tools made for various maintenance processes of mobile home awnings, the type of awning not withstanding.

Freestanding awnings

Freestanding awnings are also called unattached. Freestanding awnings usually consist of two poles on either sides supporting a frame on which a fabric is stretched. They resemble canopies, only that while unattached awnings feature two poles, canopies have four stands. They do not have much difference from extended shades.

Installation of freestanding awnings is relatively easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. They are easy to maintain as most of the parts are made for no-rust conditions such as of aluminum and stainless steel. Cleaning too is easy since they have few moving parts and they can be moved or removed completely during extreme weather conditions.

Portable awnings

Portable awnings offer an incredible outdoor experience for mobile home owner as well as protect them against sun and rain. There is a wide range of portable awnings available in the market today. There are two types of portable awnings for mobile homes, the freestanding portable awnings and the retractable portable awnings.

The freestanding portable awnings have frames that are coated in aluminum, protecting them from rust and general damage. Other support components such as the frames are made of stainless steel. The covering structure can be tilted or moved in both ways (front and backward) making them ideal to protect from both sun and rain.

The retractable portable awnings are perhaps the most popular of the two, mostly because they can be folded or rolled up when not in use. Portable retractable awnings use a very simple retracting mechanism such that you simply lower them and they will neatly unfold. Their design and colour are loveable and they easily complement your homes décor. This is an insight in this regard.

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