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DIY Simple And Easy Pet Odor And Stain Removal Tips

If you have pets, there is a good chance that you are at some point going to be needed to deal with the removal of unpleasant stains as well as odors, especially from your carpet. There are several things that you can do in order to ensure that your pets’ accidents do not ruin your carpets, rugs, and also furniture. The following pet odor and stain removal tips will actually help you to keep your carpets clean and promote fresh air in your house.

1) Always take care of your pet

When you take care of your pets, it’s definitely an important step when it comes to the prevention of pet odors as well as stains. Regularly bathing them, particularly large dogs with the oily coats, will help to reduce dander and also hair that is difficult to clean up, which can contribute to an unpleasant smell in the house. The bad smell can actually trigger allergies and also asthma attacks. Ensure that your cat or dog is properly housebroken. Also, feeding your pets food without the artificial dyes can reduce the possibility of a pet’s vomit which can stain the carpet.

2) Make use of an enzymatic cleaner

For quite minor pet odor removal jobs, you can use enzymatic cleaners. The cleaners are safe and non-toxic which usually break up urine bacteria hence reducing or even eliminating the unpleasant smells. However, the amount of enzymatic cleaner that you need to use mostly depends on the strength of the odor. You must be aware that the strong odors like those ones that you can easily smell when you walk in the room will take a bit more effort to remove. An example of such a cleaner is Citrus Enzyme Cleaner which is easy to make on your own.

3) Make use of a carpet stain remover

In case a pet stain remains even after the initial clean-up efforts, just try to use a carpet stain remover in order to get rid of that stain. Always avoid the cleaners which contain ammonia since it smells just like urine to your pet and therefore may cause them to re-soil your carpet. Remember also to test any type of cleaner on a small and inconspicuous area of your carpet before you use it. This is because some of the pet stain removal cleaners may damage the carpet fibers.

4) You may try a black light

In case your pets have been urinating on your carpet, you can try a black light which can help you to locate soiled areas so that you can easily remove the stain. What you need to do is simply to buy a black light at a pet store or a hardware store. Once you have made your room to be very dark, use this black light to find the carpet stains that you cannot otherwise see. Try your best to clean up the stains as you continue to work so that you do not miss any areas.

5) Always look beyond your carpet

At times, pet odor as well as stain removal and also prevention require quite a detective work. In case you still have a challenge with the persistent pet odors, in spite of having hired a carpet cleaning company to clean up your rugs, the problem may not be in the carpets at all. Your pets may also soil drapes, furniture, walls and even baseboards. In several cases, smells and also stains may still have penetrated the floor below your carpet. This may therefore need to be sanded as well as treated so as to remove and also prevent future stains and odors.

6) What about the stains that have already set?

Avoid using the steam cleaners. You should avoid using the steam cleaners to clean the urine odors from upholstery or carpet. The heat permanently set the stains and the odors by bonding protein into the artificial fibers.

Make use of a pet odor neutralizer that is of high-quality. After the area is absolutely clean, use a neutralizer for better results. Be sure to read as well as follow the cleaner’s directions for its use. You may also teach your pets where you would like them to eliminate.

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