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Six Wooden Floor Care And Maintenace Methods

Cleaning can be a tedious task but it is very important to keep your home and floors clean so that it looks inviting to your house guests. If you have wooden floors then one must clean them on a regular basis to maintain it and ensure that it lasts. Here are a few tips to ensure that this happens:

1) Keeping the floors clean: Prevention is always the best method to reduce the total cleaning time and to make the work less tedious. You can place a welcome mat on the front door so that people, before entering your house, can rub off the dirt of their feet while entering the home. You can enforce a strict rule to keep the shoes on the front porch or in the garage so that the wooden floor does not get stained by the mud and dirt. However, even with these precautions the wooden floor may get a little bit dirty and you must clean them quickly so that the dirt does not stick to the surface. Use a soft broom to wipe the floors so that the floor finishing does not get scratched.

2) Vacuum: The homeowner can use a vacuum cleaner which is light in weight to clean the wooden floors and brush it wherever necessary. Do not use heavy weight vacuum cleaners and/or attachments as it can dent a part floor if it is accidentally dropped. Even if you are using heavy weight cleaners then you must exercise extreme caution with those.

3) Mop: Cleaning with the help of a damp mop is another method that can be done on a regular basis to keep the floors clean. However, one must use one which is damp and not soaked in water. Too much water will definitely damage the floor and there is a chance that the stains might get into the wood. The cleaning experts claim that one should add a little bit of vinegar in the water to clean off the grease. But one must carefully monitor the amount of vinegar mixed in the water as excessive vinegar will cause the wood floor look a bit dull. The standard measurement is that one should add cup vinegar to gallon of water. You should always use white vinegar as it will leave no stains and water must be changed as it gets cloudy.

4) Steam clean: The most effective way to clean a wooden floor is to steam clean it but there is a chance that your floor might get damaged when adopting this method.

5) Wax polish: Just cleaning the wooden floors will not make it look shiny and bright. If the floor has a waxed finish then you should apply wax polish to improve the color of the wood but use only a little bit and not too often. As time passes the wax may build up and get a bit grubby. In such cases you can strip back the polish and start using it again. However, before you re-apply the wax one must mop the floor with water and cleaning agents or any other method that you might have chosen.

6) Tough Stain Treatment: If there are persistent stains and/ or grease spots then you must use a professional cleaning agent like oil soap. A number of brands are available in the market but if you are buying a new brand then you should a patch test first. Select an obscure area of the wooden floor and clean that area with the new soap. If the wood does not get stained or leave any sort of residue then it is safe to use this cleaning agent on the other parts of the wooden floor.

Cleaning wooden floors is not at all difficult and it is very rewarding with a little effort. Keeping the wooden floors clean and sparkling will help to preserve the overall cleanliness of your home and preserve your precious investment.

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