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Vital Guide On How To Clean And Care For Manufactured Home Siding And Skirting

Manufactured home siding and skirting are wall fittings used to make the home weatherproof and more appealing aesthetically. Siding and skirting can be made from various materials; the most common ones being vinyl, brick and aluminum. To maintain the raw appeal of any siding, it is pivotal to clean and care for it appropriately. This way, the siding will last longer while maintaining an attractive feel in the manufactured home. The following is a guide on how to clean and care for manufactured home siding and skirting.

1. Vinyl siding and skirting

Vinyl siding is an engineered product made of PVC or commonly known as plastic to many. The major advantage about this siding is that it does not require elaborate care and maintenance to stay appealing. Nevertheless, there is a right way to care for it as detailed below.

Choose the cleaning method

There are two main methods that one can use; the first being using a power or pressure wash. A home cleaning kit can also be used to wash the vinyl siding. With a power wash, you have to rent the tools and sometimes, the pressure can be unnecessary on the vinyl; especially if it is not too dirty. Hand washing is gentle and can be customized as desired. If you choose a power wash, keep the water stream level to avoid getting the water behind the siding. This is to avoid problems with mold caused by water. Be gentle and if you are not sure about a washer, a professional can do it. All in all, using your hose to clean is ideal. Remove the visible dirt in a gentle manner.

Use soft tools

Never use abrasive tools to clean your vinyl siding. Harsh tools may include steel wool, paint scraper and wire brushes. The vinyl is sensitive and can be prone to starches and discoloration owing to vigorous cleaning. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe away dirt. This gentle cleanse is a sure way to maintain a clean vinyl siding.

Avoid harsh products

When it comes to cleaning chemicals, less is more. In fact, it is wise to stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals while caring for vinyl siding. Harsh chemicals to avoid are undiluted chlorine bleach, organic solvents, nail polish remover, grease remover; among others. A soft cleaning agent will work well; and when not sure, test the agent on a small portion to see whether it is harmful. Cleaning does not mean leaving your siding faded and falling apart; avoid harsh chemicals.

Never paint

Some people appreciate some color on their siding; but painting a vinyl siding is a bad idea. To care and maintain the integrity of vinyl, never coat it with paint. Apart from unsightly cracking due to the elements, vinyl can be damaged by paint. Therefore, keep it natural and focus on wiping away dirt, stains, and cobwebs; among others. Vinyl siding is easy to maintain; and all it needs is basic tender care and it will retain its beauty.

2. Brick siding and skirting

Brick siding adds a royal flavor to your home. The good news is that maintaining it can be very easy. All in all, it needs regular care and proper maintenance for it to maintain its look. First, go for mild detergents only. A hose and a gentle brush will also come in handy when cleaning. Power washing is a bad idea because it might harm the mortar and caulking. For brick siding that has vegetable stains, use an oxygen bleach solution or a fungicide solution to cleanse gently. Mold and mildew need to be cleaned well using a bleach solution. The mildew is caused by moisture and protecting your eyes while cleaning it is advised.

If the brick siding has rust stains, make use of the stiff-bristled brush to carefully remove the rust. In case of accidents where the mortar breaks loose, repairs will be in order. The oxygen bleach solution is also effective against algae. To keep these problems at bay, seal your brick siding with a siloxane-based sealer. This will help prevent spalling and efflorescence. Regular inspection to check whether water has caused problems or to assess cracking issues is the right way to protect the brick siding.

When there is total damage in the bricks, total replacement and sometimes brick turning will give the siding a new lease on life. Water can cause great damage and one should keep this in mind while caring for the siding.

3. Aluminum siding and skirting

The good thing about aluminum siding is that it is easy to clean. With a thorough cleanse once a year, the beautiful skirting will radiate in your home. When it is time to clean the siding, you will need a few things. Water, sponge, laundry detergent, soft bristle brush, hose and old towels are the main items needed. Those who wish to go with a pressure washer can do so.

The process is simple; with your water mixed together with the detergent, scrub dirt areas gently and use a hose to rinse. Work from top to bottom; ensuring that there are no items around that can be harmed. It is a good old fashioned wash that has the power to give the aluminum siding some sparkle. Avoid harsh detergents and if you do not have laundry agent, go for Trisodium Phosphate. If there is presence of mildew, a bleach solution will be beneficial. Sometimes due to weather elements, a white build-up called chalk can form on aluminum siding. This white stuff can be removed using a siding wash found at most hardware stores.

It is always wise to follow the right procedures while cleaning siding and skirting. This way, you can maintain the aesthetic appeal as well as have the siding last longer. Ultimately, this will save you a lot of money that would go into major maintenance work. Take time to care for siding and skirting. The rule of thumb is to use gentle elements to avoid harming the delicate siding whether vinyl, brick or aluminum. This is an insight on how to clean and care for manufactured home siding and skirting.

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