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How To Buy Cabinets That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into A Small Sanctuary

Great kitchen cabinets can help transform an inefficient and dated kitchen into an organized and functional multi-tasking space. This is because they play a huge role when it comes to how the kitchen works as well as how it feels and looks. It is also important to note that it is one of the most expensive components in the kitchen thus you should work towards achieving a timeless appeal that is sturdy enough to last for decades. To get the best cabinets for your kitchen, there are number of things you should consider when shopping for them such as:

Style and type

When looking for information on how to buy kitchen cabinets it is important to note that you have a wide variety of options when it comes to shape, size, material, finish and configurations. This allows you to pick the one you feel works best for your kitchen. Take some time to go through all the available options so that you can end up making an informed decision that you will not end up regretting at the end of the day. If you are not too sure about the ones to get, you can always seek professional help to be on the safe side.

Finishes and material

The choice of material and finish normally increases as the cost increases. This means that you have to set a budget when shopping for the cabinets after weighing the benefits of each of the options you have. You can visit a showroom that showcases kitchen cabinets to manipulate and examine different types of metal, wood, laminate, composite and thermofoil doors to choose the material you find most appropriate for your kitchen. After picking this, the next step is to find the ideal finish that will sync in well with the décor used in the kitchen.

Size and quality

It is also important to consider size when shopping for the cabinets as you want to get something that will fit in well and look great instead of looking misplaced. Only go for cabinets that are built to last and will also offer incredible convenience. Consider the weight that the cabinets will hold to choose the ones that can carry it without a problem at all. You can also get the ones that have pull out racks, built in organizers, roll out trays/bases and adjustable shelves that make the kitchen more efficient making your life easier.

Types of kitchen cabinets

There are countless types of kitchen cabinets you can find in the market today. These can generally be categorized into:

1) Wall cabinets: these are cabinets that are mounted on kitchen walls and are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

2) Base cabinets: these are also known as floor cabinets and are normally installed on the kitchen floor or on the surface.

3) Pre-fitted cabinets: these are normally built at the manufacturers and all you have to do is get the proper dimensions and you are good to go.

4) Custom built cabinets: these are normally built according to personal preference, style and design to ensure you get the exact product you want.

An example of a kitchen cabinet you can buy is the All Wood 10X10 Kitchen Cabinets Maple Honey Natural. This can easily be bought on amazon (http://is.gd/p2o1Yi) and it will set you back $1,350.00. It is an all wood construction perfect for both residential and commercial use. It features inches solid wood doors i.e. five pieces of frame raised panel, adjustable shelves and end panels finished plywood. These come with a refrigerator cabinet, micro-hood cabinet, wall diagonal corner, sink base, dishwasher return and base filler. You will also appreciated the European style concealed hinges and the fact that the cabinets arrive ready to assemble.


You do not need to call in a professional to help you with installing the kitchen cabinet as you can do it on your own without any problem. Some of the tools that will be needed for the job include screw drivers, drills, tape measure, electrical stud finder, wood glue and any other thing that the instruction manual says you should have. You can get someone to help you incase you feel that the task is too challenging. Keep in mind however that ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are usually pretty simple to install as long as you make the proper measurements and are patient enough to achieve great results. They also come with easy to follow instructions that you can follow to install the cabinets without any problem.

- When the cabinet arrives, make sure the kitchen is very clean and is ready for the installation process.

- Use an electronic stud finder to locate and mark the where the studs will be located.

- From here you will be required to build the cabinets using a simple cam lock and glue construction that makes the assembly easy.

- Open each of the boxes, study the components and lay the pieces on the floor checking the diagram to ensure it is put together in the proper way.

- Always start with the upper wall cabinet and follow all the instructions for each of the cabinets until you are done.

- You can get some filler that will be used to fill the spaces that are found between cabinets. Remember to cut these to size and attach them by screwing them in.

- When you are done, move to the base cabinets starting with the one at the corner. Measure the studs correctly and pre drill so that they are loosely attached to the wall.

- Attach all the other cabinets and clamp them together in a professional manner to ensure that everything is tight and plump.

- After all the cabinets have been attached, the next step is to attach the drawers and doors.

When you are done with the entire process, look at the work you have done very keenly and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you can enjoy the unit without any problem.

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