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How To Locate The Best Bathroom Vanity For Your Home

Bathroom vanities are both functional and decorative items for bathrooms. There are several options to choose from in the home improvement industry hence home owners are assured of getting the best piece for their home. When seeking to install a bathroom vanity, it is best to have sufficient information on how to buy a bathroom vanity. This will help you know what to get and what not to get.


The first step towards buying a vanity is to choose an appropriate spot and measure the available space. The vanity should fit the space according to your preference. Consider the horizontal and vertical since some vanities come with a mirror. You should decide whether your vanity will fill all the space available or leave some allowance at the edges.


Home owners should carry out an extensive research on the available styles of vanities. Ensure that you should a vanity that will fit the theme of your bathroom.


There are a couple of options to choose from in terms of double or single sinks, vessel sinks and counter tops. This can be determined by who is going to use the vanity. Vessel sinks are suitable for guest bathrooms while double sinks are suitable for couples’ master bathrooms. Also, consider whether you want your mirrors to be attached to the vanity or you will buy them separately. Decide whether you want cabinets, how many cabinets you want and the design of the cabinets. One can opt for drawers and vertical cabinets for their storage options. Ensure that the sinks do not take up too much space in order to allow you to place some few items on the counter tops.


Most bathroom vanities are made of wood. Home owners can decide whether to maintain the natural look of the wood or they can use paint as finish. The counter tops of vanities are the ones that usually come in different materials such as glass, granite, marble and stone. Choose a counter top that will fit your bathroom theme, be easy to clean and have durability.

Types of bathroom vanities

There are several types of bathroom vanities and they differ in styles:

1) Contemporary: Contemporary vanities cater for several designs and materials. They come in single or double sinks, with or without mirrors. Art Bathe Alba provides several bathroom vanities in this category. One example is the Art Bathe Alba 42 inch contemporary bathroom vanity. This vanity has a compact design with one sink. It has a lovely cherry finish and glass doors on the cabinets. It can be bought from BathroomTrends.com (http://is.gd/4JUP45) where it goes for $1645.

2) Antique: Antique bathroom vanities are also known as traditional vanities. The name antique does not necessarily mean that the vanities are old. It just means that their design has been inspired by old designs. Modern antique vanities incorporate traditional designs in to modern functionality.

Art Antiques Bath Vanities provides some of the best antique bathroom vanities. They have the Art Antiques AFD Claxmoore Estate Bathroom Vanity that is brown in color. It has the original wood’s appearance and a marble top. It has one sink. It can be purchased from ListVanities.com (http://is.gd/aNwKP1) at $1299. Art Antiques has several other antique bathroom vanities that also come in the double sink design. Some have mirrors and others do not come with mirrors.

3) Double: Double bathroom vanities are the most common vanities in homes, especially in master bathrooms. Double vanities have two sinks. The sinks and cabinets can be fully detached or semi detached. The semidetached ones can have a physical barrier in the middle or their distinction might just come from the sinks. In most cases, the cabinets and drawers are also double so that each party can have their own storage space.

One of the most modern double sink vanities can be got from Fresca Allier. They have the Fresca Allier 60” double sink vanity. It is a grey vanity with an oak finish. It has two semi detached double sinks and marble or glass tops. It costs $1849 from the ListVanities.com (http://is.gd/ftFgL5).

4) Mounted: Mounted bathroom vanities can come in any of the above styles but they are usually mounted on the wall. Some vanities are completely off the ground in that they do not touch the floor when mounted. Some other mounted vanities touch the floor but they are permanently mounted on the wall. Most people prefer mounted vanities to avoid dealing with visible piping.

Most manufacturers of all the above options provide mounted bathroom vanities. Companies such as Silkboard, Soci and Freca provide mounted bathroom vanities. Silkboard has several mounted bathrooms in both antique and contemporary designs. From the BathroomTrends.com (http://is.gd/jLrf0S) they range from $699 to $2979.

Installation Instructions

Installing a bathroom vanity is quite a simple process since most provisions are usually given in the construction of the vanity. The tools needed are: hammer, drilling machine, stud finder, level and caulk. It is best to follow all the necessary steps in order to avoid future problems caused by faulty installation.

1) Position the vanity and trace its outline on the wall. Use the studs to know where your vanity will be screwed.

2) Cut openings on the back of the vanity to create holes for drain and water lines. Drill the holes then re-position the vanity back to the wall. Ensure that the holes of the vanity sit appropriately at the drain and water lines.

3) Ensure that the vanity is level by rocking it from side to side and use a level on the edge.

4) Use screws to anchor the vanity on to the wall. Drive the screws in to the studs. Use a stud finder to find the studs.

5) Install the faucet on to the vanity top. Manufacturers usually provide an allowance for the faucet.

6) Dry fit the vanity top after installing the faucet to ensure it sits securely and straight. Use caulk on top of the cabinet before securing the vanity top in to place. Press it firmly in to place and confirm evenness.

7) Connect the drain and water lines to the faucet then turn on the water supply to check for leaks.

Choosing a bathroom vanity depends on the needs of a home owner, preferences, space and financial ability.

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