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Energy Star Hot Water Heaters Equals Lower Utility Bills

If you want to use a high efficiency electric storage water heater for your day to day operations, it is important to buy an ENERGY STAR certified water heater. Choosing such a water heater which is also known as a Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) rather than a standard model is bound to bring about lots of financial savings over the lifetime of the water heater. Before you buy your heater though, it is important to first take into consideration certain factors. first you need to estimate the capacity of the tank you will need, you can do this by using the gallon capacity of you current storage water heater, you can also find the heaters volume or capacity on the yellow energy guide sticker or in the nameplate, this will help you discuss the sizing with your contractor or distributor.

You should then check the available certified models that fall within your choice from the ENERGY STAR product list then check with local installers or visit your local retailer and then compare the prices and find out the best way of purchasing one. You should then start thinking of where you are going to install it. Generally, HPWH appliances should always be installed in interior spaces which remain between forty (40) and ninety (90) degree Fahrenheit all year round and also provide one thousand (1,000) cubic feet of air space around the heater. They usually don’t operate quite optimally in colder spaces and are therefore whenever possible, you should consider installing them in spaces with excess heat such as a furnace room.

It is also worth noting that in addition to heating water, ENERGY STAR certified heaters do provide additional benefits because during the hot and humid seasons, the water heater can help in dehumidifying and cooling the space where they are installed.

Here are examples of energy star hot water heaters readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: AO Smith Residential Electric Water Heater

Product Price: $ 2464.48

Product URL: http://is.gd/aVewaD

Product Details: this high capacity tank does enable the heat pump to operate at an optimum. With an energy factor of 2.3, this water heater does conserve energy and meets the Energy star requirements. It has a vacation mode which does protect the system components from freeze damage during winter or when not in use. The heater is installed with long lasting incoloy heating elements. Weighing 355 pounds, this item is sold with a 10 year limited warranty.

2) Product Name: 50 Gallon Voltex Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

Product Price: $ 1399.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/OZ5E1v

Product Details: this water heater does outperform other heat pump water heaters with an impressive energy factor of 2.75. It does offer a quiet operation at 15dBa sound levels when compared against the competitive level of 55dBa for this category. It does have an easy to use electronic interface which has several operating modes which are specifically designed to match your hot water needs. It does also have money saving vacation mode which can be programmed for up to 99 days. With its SmartPort ready connection, it can easily be connected to utility smart grid applications. It is sold with a ten year tank and parts limited warranty.

3) Product Name: Electrolux Energy Star Hybrid Heat Pump Dual Vent Water Heater

Product Price: $ 2499.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/jV8D8B

Product Details: this hybrid, heat pump water heater that’s fitted with a dual vent does use up to 70% less energy when compared against other water heaters such as the standard electric tank style water heaters. The premium stainless steel interior and exterior tank does provide long term durability. This 66 gallon tank does ensure that you never run out of water. With its three operating modes: the heater mode, econ mode and auto mode, the heater is perfect for each and every application.

4) Product Name: Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 Electric Water

Product Price: $ 2399.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/w6Ktzt

Product Details: this 80 gallon storage capacity does reduce hot water costs by up to 80%. This water heater does operate on either 240 or 280 Volts, for each and every watt used, the tank does produce the same amount of 35 watts of hot water, this tank will give users 50 gallons of uninterrupted hit water before activating the built-in backup heating element. This heaters fan and compressor consume a paltry 1kWh of electricity to generate heat that would otherwise be generated by 3 to 5kWh: it is worth noting that the efficiency of this particular unit does go up with increasing air temperature.

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