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Easy Backsplash Ideas For The Kitchen And Bathroom

Bathroom and kitchen tile backsplashes are designed in a way that prevents liquids from draining along the walls or behind the cabinets. They come in many designs and styles and hence home owners tend to choose an option that suits all their needs. You can install these backsplashes in different ways to make sure they form an integral part of your kitchen. For instance, you can decide to cover the entire wall or raise them only a few inches over the countertop. The following are some easy backsplash ideas, types of tiles backsplashes, several product examples and how to install them.

Types of backsplashes

Traditionally, bathroom and kitchen backsplashes were limited to ceramic design but today they come with different design. The design bought by homeowners is usually based on his or her designer imagination. Some of the common designs include;

1) Porcelain and ceramic tiles: They are popular for a kitchen backsplash. Porcelain tiles are relatively cheaper although it depends with the type of tiles you choose. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. They are typically between two to four square inches. You can install them in a diagonal pattern which is quite tricky but adds the style of backsplash. You can enhance their style by adding interesting border and trim pieces.

2) Murals: They are made from glass or ceramics art tiles which are arranged in a special manner to come up with decorative design. Their designs add a lot of style to your kitchen and you can have them painted to be more attractive. It is wise for homeowners to choose glazed tiles for longevity and easier cleaning.

3) Mosaics: They are made from either glass, stone or ceramic tiles. They are mainly pre-arranged in patterns that make 12x12 inches mesh backed with sheets to make the installation process simpler. They add to your bathroom or kitchen when their distinctive patterns are used correctly.

4) Stone: These tile backsplashes are made up with tumbled stone, marble or granite on the surface for durability. Some are porous and hence require sealing to prevent staining from splatters. They mainly come in 2-4 square inches that makes them easy to install just like porcelain or ceramic tiles.

5) Stainless steel: They give a sleek contemporary appearance which is very appealing for those who want a modern look. They require regular cleaning because they show and splatters stains. It is advisable to buy tiles with quilted or brushed finish to minimize the need for cleaning or polishing them.

6) Glass: They are practical choices because they are easy to clean and don’t stain when oils or food are splashed on them when cooking. They give a sleek and clean look to a modern bathroom and kitchen. They also reflect light adding brightness to your kitchen or bathroom.

Product examples

1) 4" x 6" Sample - Bliss Cappuccino Stone and Glass Linear Mosaic Tiles - Kitchen Backsplash/Tub Surround- ( It costs $5.59 with free shipping. It has a high gloss glass and stone finish that makes installation easier in mesh backing. They are available in eight popular colors in random 5/8 mosaic tiles.

2) Set of 14 Tin Kitchen Backsplash Tiles- ( It costs $11.99 with free shipping. It is silver in color and prevents your walls from stove top splatters. They may have a floral pattern that adds an expensive looking touch which is inspired by most modern kitchen designs.

3) Better Living Products Griipa Suction Mount Towel Ring, Stainless Steel- ( It costs $21.52 with free shipping for orders above $35.00. They are easy to install since you will only need to press them against a bracket of any smooth glossy surface such as mirror, glass or stainless steel.

4) Imperial FS3719SPW Bathroom Vanity Top with Recessed Center Oval Bowl, Solid White Gloss Finish, 37-Inch Wide by 19-Inch Deep - ( It costs $119.00 with free shipping. It is sold and shipped by Amazon. It has a marble vanity top with white finish and drip-less edge. It fits 36x18 inches vanity cabinet.

5) Rooster II by Malenda Trick - Kitchen Backsplash / Bathroom wall Tile Mural- ( It costs $90.00 with $15.00 for shipping. It is shipped and sold by The Tile Mural Store.

Instructions when installing backsplash

Tools needed: Screw driver, fine-grit sandpaper, measuring tape, cutting tools like glass cutting blade, scissors or razor blade, 5-gallon buckets, carpentry square, pencil, a hand trowel and a rubber grout float.

1) Measure and mark out the dimensions of your backsplash.

2) Spread the tiles over the marked out areas using the trowel setting the bottom in place

3) Set the next row in the same way all the way to the top putting spacers in between

4) Let them stay for a day, remove the spacers and grout the backsplash with a grout float

5) Remove the excess grout and let them settle for 2 days.

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