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Take Good Care Of Your Countertops Before Its Too Late

Countertops give your home a beautiful finish. As such, it is important that you take good care of them by keeping them in good shape and repairing them as needed. This would help you avoid or lessen the probability of replacing your entire countertop that would definitely cost a lot.

When you start noticing that your countertop has some damages like chips, stains, cracks or loss of luster, you may start doing some remedies and repairs for the said damages. If you are not sure of what to do, you may consult some experienced professionals on the different countertop repair options that you could work on with.

Repair Options for Your Countertops

Countertop repair options vary depending on how severe the damage is and what kind of material your countertop is made of. This is because each material has its own issues relative to its damage. Below are the different materials and possible problems that may arise from them.

1) Tile: Tiles are considered cheap. Replacing this kind of countertop is cheaper because if one tile cracks, you would only need to replace the damaged tile instead of changing the entire countertop.

2) Laminate: Laminate countertops are said to have the lowest replacement cost. In spite of that, this kind of countertop is easy to scratch and damage with heat. For you to be able to make the scratches less obvious, you may opt to install a matte finish laminate.

3) Solid Surface: In the case of solid surface countertops, the cost of repair is said to be low. You may ask a professional to just sand down the scratches. Repair is more ideal for this type of countertop since replacing a solid surface is really expensive.

4) Stone: Examples of stone countertops are granite, marble and slate. The cost of replacing stone countertops is relatively high. As such, it is important that you keep and maintain them properly. These countertops are known to last long if proper care is given to them. A professional can repair minor damage to this kind of countertop easily, thus repair cost is not too high.

Examples of Repair Costs

Below are the possible costs for the repairs of your countertops:

1) Sanding and buffing countertops: This repair may cost about $200 to $500. Sanding and buffing your countertops can address the nicks and scratches on it. This can make your countertops look new again.

2) Repairing a crack or seam: This kind of repair may cost around $550 to $700. The damaged area can be fixed by using routers and template system. Afterwards, the professional will patch and reinforce the countertop.

3) Modifying the countertop and installing a cooktop: This repair may cost around $650 to $800. Modifying the countertop is intended to make the installation of a new cooktop easier.

4) Relocating or rebuilding countertops: This may cost $1500 or more depending on the kind of repair needed. This may involve upgrading the countertops. This repair may take more than one day to be finished.

Steps in Repairing Damages in your Countertop

In case you opt to repair the damages of your countertop by yourself, below are the simple steps that you can work on with to fix the problems of your countertop.

1. Check the area that has been damaged. Identify the level of damage done to your countertop.

2. Clean the surface where the damage is located. You may use warm water and dishwashing soap in cleaning the surface. You may also use undiluted vinegar by spraying it to the damaged area. This will help you remove any stains if there is any. If the stains were not removed, you may use rubbing alcohol instead.

3. After cleaning the area, you may apply furniture wax, car wax or lemon oil to polish the surface. Spread the wax or oil using a soft cloth to the entire countertop including the undamaged areas.

If the aforementioned steps did not work, you may consider using laminate fillers or paste to fix the damage. Laminate fillers or paste can work on deep scratches and can conceal the damages. You just need to select the right filler or paste that matches the shade and color of your countertop.

Your countertop is a good investment in your home. As such, it is necessary that you know how to take good care of it. Also, it is important that you consult and hire the right professional who would help you in maintaining and repairing your countertop.

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