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Save Bathroom Space With Corner Shower Units

A shower enclosure is bound to be part and parcel of your bathroom for many years to come and it is therefore very important to get the best and most appropriate unit when shopping for one. There are several key factors that one should consider. It is important to check on the size, shape and height of the unit. There are very many shapes available such as square, prism, rectangle, quadrant, oblong enclosures etc. you should choose an enclosure that gives you some sense of space and freedom. It is also advisable to decide before hand where you are going position or install the unit, unless very necessary, always try to install a new enclosure where the previous one was, this will save you a lot of time in terms of preparatory work.

Wherever possible, always opt for a shower with a tray because it’s been tried and tested by the manufacturer and therefore chances of leakages are greatly reduced. Make sure there is a good seal with magnetic strips on the shower doors to prevent water leakage as you shower. Always insist on having an acrylic enclosure tray, they are more sturdy and strong.

For tempered glass, it is best to have safety glass with thickness of 5-6mm for the enclosure. Always remember that the thicker the glass is the better. Make sure that the glass used has protective framing so that it is not easily chipped or cracked.

Here are some high quality corner shower units which are readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Jupiter Steam Shower with Stone Base (36 by 36 by 84 Inches)

Product Price: $ 2669.11

Product URL:

Product Details: a stylish and beautiful multi- water jet shower enclosure that’s fitted with a 3KW steam generator with aromatherapy steam outlet. The stone composite base is included: it does also have a swinging tempered glass door and removable waterproof wooden grids and seats. The unit is fitted with a rainfall shower head and an adjustable handheld shower as well. Its control panel is remote controlled and does also have a telephone connection as well as a built-in FM radio. The unit does have body massage jets, chromatherapy lighting as well as a circulation fan. It is sold with a three year parts warranty.

2) Product Name: MAAX 32” Corner Shower Kit (Mediterranean III)

Product Price: $ 355.11

Product URL:

Product Details: this magnificent polystyrene corner entry shower kit does include a sliding door, a wall and a base. A 15- � inch drain center is also included. The 3 piece wall does feature four shelves, sizeable enough to hold lots of stuff. The sliding door does ensure that this corner shower unit does occupy minimal space. The door has a central opening and is fitted with a Mistelite glass pattern. For safety purposes, the unit has a textured base which ensures incidences of falls are completely cancelled out. It is also easy to install and maintain.

3) Product Name: Heirloom Complete Shower Room

Product Price: $ 699.00

Product URL:

Product Details: a corner shower measuring 35” by 35 by 84”, it is square shaped and is sold as a complete unit, complete with a sliding door, a four pattern shower head, a floor tray, tempered shower glasses, foot massager, back massager, 8 massage jets, shampoo as well as soap shelves. Because the shower unit has been pre-plumbered, installation is quite easy and straightforward. The ABS back walls are strong, stable and very reliable.

4) Product Name: Aston 36” Round Shower Enclosure

Product Price: $ 705.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a beautifully designed shower enclosure that’s bound to be the focus point in any bathroom. The enclosed door tracks, the durable and well made acrylic tray as well as the magnetized door channel are some of the outstanding features this particular enclosure prides itself in having. It has both bottom and top rails to ensure there is strong wall anchoring which is bound to reinforce stability, a clear 5mm tempered safety glass , a bypass door with well secured roller system and full length clear seals which prevent leakage are just some of the key features of this shower unit. Further to the above, the unit does have a reversible right or left handed door installation. It does measure 36” by 36” by 75 and is quite easy to install and maintain.

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