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Six Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods For Your Home

Are you looking for the best and most effective way to clean your carpet? Well, the good thing is that there are several methods you can use to ensure that your carpet remains looking new. However, it is important to note that different methods of cleaning carpets vary in terms of effectiveness.

It is also important to note that some methods can be expensive while others are remarkably cheap. Though most people will consider the cheapest carpet cleaning methods, you must take effectiveness into account. It would be better to consider a relatively expensive carpet cleaning method than ruin your carpet. Some cheap methods may ruin your carpet and that is the last thing you want. Here are some of the best carpet cleaning methods you should consider:

1. Shampoo: This happens to be one of the oldest methods of cleaning carpets. However, this method is one the most effective and simple to apply. This method entails use of a lot of shampoo foam which is applied on the carpet and left to dry. The residue left after that foam has dried plays the role of vacuuming the soil and other dirt particles in the carpet. It is greatly advised that you leave the carpet for at least a day for adequate vacuuming.

2. Absorbent Cleaning: This carpet cleaning method is commonly known as "dry powder cleaning" method. This is because no water is used in cleaning carpets. It is one of the simplest methods to use. The idea here is to apply dry absorbent compound on the carpet. This can be done using a machine. The purpose of using an absorbent is to ensure that soil particles in the carpet are dissolved and vacuumed up. The good thing is that most of the absorbents used in this method are organic and Eco-friendly.

3. Steam Cleaning: If looking for a relatively cheap method of cleaning your carpet, steam cleaning may be the way out. It is way cheaper as compared to other methods of cleaning. Steam cleaning method does not actually require "steam". Hot water is used to extract dirt particles from the carpet. A cleaning solution is sprayed into the carpet at high pressure. The purpose of using hot water is to easily dissolve soil particles. The cleaning is usually fast although you might require waiting for a longer time for the carpet to dry.

4. Electrostatic: As the name goes, this method involves the application of static electricity to remove dirt from carpets. The idea behind this method is to use an electrostatic solution to remove soil and dirt particles from the carpet scientifically. However, this method may be challenging to use since you must allow charges to build up in the carpet. Note that damp carpets conduct electricity hence the charge building-up may not occur. This explains why this carpet cleaning method is not so popular. As a matter of fact, only few people apply this method.

5. Carbonated Cleaning: This method happens to be so popular since it is used by most carpet cleaning companies. It is regarded as the most effective and fast way of cleaning carpets. The method is also unique in its own way since you will not require using soaps, detergents or chemicals. Instead, solutions made of natural ingredients are used. When the carbon solution is applied on the carpet, it reacts vigorously on soil and stains in the carpet and lifts them to the surface for extraction.

It is important to note that carbon is highly reactive hence you will only require a little amount of the solution. It is actually an advantage since your carpet will dry up in just few hours.

6. Dry Foam: In this method, foam that resembles that of shaving cream is applied on the carpet fibers. Brushes are then used. The carpet is later vacuumed in effort to bring out all the dirt. The method is Eco-friendly and non-toxic.

This is yet another method commonly used though with a great deal of limitations. This is because a lot of cleaning efforts will be required. It might be tiring and time consuming. You must also be extra careful when cleaning your carpet using this method since it is easy to denature the carpet fibers.

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